shipping mailer box custom printed eco kraft shipping cardboard mailer box

Color : CMYK 4 colors printing
Surface Finishing: Custom
Printing: CMYK printed
Size : Customized
Paper Type: Art paper
Certification : SGS, IOS9001
Material: 157gsm C2S paper+ paper board
Structure: Paper box
Service: OEM/ODM

Usage: Face cream,skin care,Gift packaging

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Packaging Features

. CMYK full color printing

. Made from recyclable and strong corrugated cardboard for durability

. Has interlocking flaps and wings for easy assembly and closure without gluing

. Space saving, die cut to easily fold together


Choosing the Right Corrugated Mailer for Your Package 
The size of the item you wish to send will determine the type of corrugated mailer you need. You can send slim and small books as well as magazines, photos, and letters in corrugated envelopes.These corrugated document mailers ship flat and are stiff enough to get printed pages to their destinations without creases and are a strong alternative to plain window envelopes. For bigger items, you need larger mailers like corrugated boxes. These are ideal for shipping fragile items and bulky goods. They come in different sizes and styles. Their fluted walls provide ample stacking strength while insulating their contents from moisture, extreme temperatures, and physical damage.

Consider Board Strength When Comparing Corrugated Mailers 
Manufacturers use different tests to determine the strengths of corrugated boxes. The most popular are the burst test and ECT or edge crust test. The wall thickness of a box determines its ECT score and burst strength. These then determine the maximum load capacity of the box. A single-walled corrugated mailer has a fluted layer between two linerboards. Boxes with burst strength ratings between 200 and 275 and ECT values between 23 and 55 pounds per square inch fall in this category. Double-walled mailers have two corrugated layers. They are stronger and offer better crush resistance. They can ship heavier items and come in strengths ranging from 200 to 600 pounds while scoring 42 to 82 on edge crush tests. Triple-walled boxes have three layers and can handle significantly higher weights. They are usually large containers for shipping heavy loads stacked on pallets. 

100% environmentally friendly material

Linerboards are usually made of recycled paper and kraft paperboard. Those made of kraft paper often appear brown. They can also come in white if made of bleached kraft paper.Linerboards do come in other colors besides white and brown.




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