Personalized Corrugated Cardboard Paper Packaging Window Carrying Wine Gift Box

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Natural Kraft Wine bottle packaging box

This rugged Natural Kraft 3 Bottle carrier is perfect for 750 ml wine bottles, 22 oz. beer bottles and Champagne bottles.  Turn it into a great gift with 2 wine glasses and a wine bottle or 2 Pilsner glasses and a 22 oz. bottle of beer.  A great idea for Wineries, special promotions or take-out. Turn this box into a great gift idea by using it for 2 bottle and a wine or pilsner glass. The see through windows will display your selections, and the back of the box has a comfortable carry handle.

Our Natural Kraft wine carriers feature a smooth finish that allows or easy imprinting and a convenient handle to carry your wine easily. Use for gift giving or your retail store.

Available in 2 and 2 bottle carriers.



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